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Executing Strategy at the Speed of Change Means You Must Move FAST.
Develop insight and foresight into where the organization has been, where it is going and how the evironment is changing using design and systems thinking
Assure your strategic success by getting the leadership team and culture aligned using best-in-class tools and processes for generating a high performance team
Make deliberate, informed and intelligent choices about where to play and how to win based on your frame and alignment using design and systems thinking
Set yourself up for success by using a balance between conventional and agile implementation to preserve your core business and deliver innovation
If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Executing Your Strategy
How to Break It Down and Get It Done
By Mark Morgan, Raymond E. Levitt, and William Malek

The authors identify six imperatives that leaders must continually address and align to ensure they are defining the right strategic projects – and implementing those projects correctly.  It is the only book written specifically to address how leadership and management alignments combine to create operational results. 
Executing Your Business Transformation​​
How to Engage Sweeping Change Without Killing Yourself or Your Business
by Mark Morgan, Andrew Cole,
​David Johnson and Robert Johnson

This book provides valuable guidance for any company contemplating mergers, acquisitions, or a major restructuring of the business model. Many organizations undergo transformation with lots of enthusiasm, but are frustrated with the results. This book contains a set of lessons gained in the process of working in and with organizations in the process of transformation.