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Stratex Advisors is a very unique consultancy. StratEx Advisors is a networked consulting organization that focuses its own resources on the execution of strategy. You can see our range of offerings under What We Do . In addition, we regularly refer customers to our network of hundreds of top notch service providers at no cost to you. The issues of strategic execution can be very far reaching and no single firm can master the entire range of services needed. So whether the issue is corporate culture, structure, strategy, portfolio or program implementation, StratEx Advisors will either create a solution for you or connect you with someone who will. 

Immediate Benefit - Sustainable Performance   There is seldom any time to waste so what we provide are hands on services that deliver immediate return on your investment.  Mark Morgan is the founder of StratEx Advisors based on his 30 years of experience in the field of engineering, management, project management, facilitation, consulting and leadership. Mark is former Chief Learning Officer at IPSolutions, Inc. and has been was one of founders of Stanford Advanced Project Management and has served as Practice Director of the program. Mark is an expert in Strategic Execution with an undergraduate degree in engineering, a masters in business and is certified by both Stanford University and the Project Management Institute He can be reached at 530-672-8178 or


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