More than one study has concluded that the vast majority of strategies do not get executed... even after spending a trillion dollars in the last decade alone on consulting and education.  Sound familiar?  That's why we're here.

Why don't organizations "get it done?"

Because there is often a gap between strategic planning and execution that is not bridged in organizations. At StratEx Advisors, we believe that bridging the gap follows the equation of Leadership + Strategy + Execution = Performance. In that order. StratEx Advisors is a consultancy designed to assist organizations as they create the alignment between the leadership of the company to its strategy, translate the strategy into execution so that the organization generates higher levels of performance.

How should we go about getting it done?

In our experience, the challenge breaks down into 3 principle areas:

  • Clarity – knowing your end game, purpose, and identity etc.
  • Alignment – making decisions about strategy, goals, objectives etc. that make sense with regard to your structure and culture
  • Mobilization – getting work done in a way that lets you know you are on track and keeping it there

StratEx Advisors works collaboratively with you to break it down and get it done for your strategy

Why should you contact StratEx Advisors?

Mark Morgan, lead author and the founder of StratEx Advisors, Inc. published Executing Your Strategy in 2008 along with his colleagues Ray Levitt at Stanford University and William Malek. The book became a best seller for good reason. The basis of the book is organizations must focus on doing the right things (leadership) as well as focus on doing things right (management). A well led, poorly managed enterprise is no better than a poorly led, well managed enterprise. We work with our clients to improve both leadership and management. It is the only approach that truly works other than random luck. MORE

In 2010, Mark joined forces with Andrew Cole, Rob Johnson and Dave Johnson to address one of the most challenging topics of 
our time: Executing Your Business Transformation. The usual suspects of transformation are set aside in this book in order to focus on the unconventional thinking that goes into transforming organizations based on the collective experience of the authors.

StratEx Advisors applies the lessons of transformation gained 
over decades of experience in serving clients at all levels of transformation. MORE 
"The effect StratEx Advisors has had on the organization is significant.  Our strategy is now part of our culture"

Alec Taylor
FGX International