Survival does not go to the fittest, it goes to the most adaptable.
Mark Morgan – Founder
Mark Morgan has a 30+ year history of work with individuals, teams and organizations, helping them clarify what they want and focus on getting it. He believes solutions to organizational challenges are best constructed to match the unique DNA of the organization. Mark has dedicated his career to implementing pragmatic solutions based on the best research available. This means that Mark’s focus is on what the organization can accomplish given their situation, competency and desire. Mark’s bias is that the real strategy of an organization depends on the decision process that determines actions that serve short term, long term and transformational goals. Organizations that have created decision clarity have the ability to create outstanding results are great places to work. This also creates a challenge because as Mark puts it “To get what we have never had, we must be willing to do what we have never done."

Throughout Mark’s career, that covers engineering, line management, leadership development, business start-up, project management, program management, portfolio management, strategic planning, workshop facilitation and public speaking, Mark has worked with individuals and companies in the high-tech, bio-tech, construction, consumer goods, high volume manufacturing, software, healthcare and internet industries. Mark creates a learning environment where clients make progress on addressing their issues while gaining the ability to address their future challenges. 
In this way, Mark combines today’s “fishing” with tomorrow’s  “ability to catch fish." Mark believes in creating real organizational capability.

Mark's Biography
Mark Morgan Biography  – a one page summary outlining Mark's backgound and basic philosophy.

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