Take the fast track to success by engaging the right coaching resource
 ​​​​​​​Our coaching is based on four critical aspects

Self  - As in "One"  Just us.  Leadership starts with the ability to lead ourselves.  This includes getting clear about our purpose, identity, long range intention, goals and how we measure success and fulfillment. It also entails an examination of whether we think in positive terms or negative terms.  How we maintain our capability and capacity are also key factors.   When we are clear about ourselves, we can begin to be a leader of others. 

Others  - As in "One on One".  Person to person. How we show up where we are dealing with one other person.  This includes the aspect of listening, empathy, reciprocity, connection, adaptation and neuroplasticity (the ability to be influenced).  It builds on the concepts of thinking in terms of abundance, win-win and synergy.   If we are masters of the one on one level, we are more effective in leading the organization

Organization - As in "One to Many"  Leading the organization.  This is about leading the organization based on organizational purpose, identity, long range intention, goals, metrics, strategy, structure and culture. Using design thinking to craft strategy. Maintaining agility in the execution process.   Communication skills, both oral and written, verbal and non verbal. Decision quality. Using the strength of your organizational leadership, there is but one more frontier:  Action.

Now.  As in "A Bias for Action" Getting it Done. The past is gone forever and we cannot propel ourselves into the future.  Now is all there is and that is exactly when we need to take action.  Coaching in this area is about the art and science of getting things done given a need for agility and speed.  Portfolio, Program and Project management become critical.  Organizational change becomes a huge factor particularly relative to organizational culture.  We coach toward an increase in the ability to leverage the current time to create the intended future.

What We Offer

  • Coaching for Individuals based on an interview 360, a specific coaching plan and a regular cadence of coaching interaction.  A time proven approach to delivering results.  Goals are set that are measureable so you know if you are getting a return on your professional services.  A validation at the beginning, a midpoint assessment of progress and a final assessment of results are all part of the delivery process.  Our success is determined by the success of the people we coach.  We have had the pleasure of many promotions and career acceleration among our clients.
  • Coaching for Teams  In many cases, the opportunity for people to grow and develop is best served by coaching an entire "cohort".  The dynamics of the team strongly influence the growth and development of individuals.  Great players are made even greater when the whole team improves.  We offer a team assessment to go with individual assessments that provides the information to lay out coaching plans that address the individual and collective challenges of the team.
  • New Leader Startup is a proven process to compress the time between when a new leader takes over and when that team is optimally effective.  When a new leader joins an organization or is re-assigned, there is a lag in performance that results from the team trying to process unanswered questions.  New Leader Startup eliminates this drag effect and mobilizes the team in days which would normally take months. 
  • Executing Your Strategy can be the biggest challenge of your career.  Most coaching rarely extends beyond simple leadership competency models. We go well beyond that.  If your execution problem is people or process related, we have the experience to help you solve it without the need for a large expensive consulting contract with one of the big 5. We offer coaching perspective on how to execute strategy that is based on years of experience and education and contextualized to todays business environment
  • StratEx Speaker Services and Keynote Addresses to provide high value information to executive teams, conferences, seminars etc.  For our press kit click here .

Our Operating Principles

  • Build Lasting Capability  We work with individuals and  teams to generate independent capability  rather than becoming the in-house resource. Our belief is customers are better served in the long run by generating capability than purchasing work product from a third party
  • Proven Frameworks Frameworks are far more powerful than mere methodology. We rely heavily on getting the right framework into use by the team.  We use the best research along with our own education and experience to deliver high quality services
  • Perspective. A moments insight can be worth a lifetime of experience. We provide a third party view to energize and encourage new levels of insight by the team
  • Be a trusted advisor. To do so, we strive to create higher levels of competence and capability for the customer organization. In the long term, we intend to transfer knowledge and expertise to the client team to generate lasting benefit from our relationship