Get the results you want before someone else beats you to it.
 ​​​​​​​Our Motto: ​Do it FAST!

Framing creates the context of the strategy. Framing is our word for increasing the level of understanding of the history, current events and future possibilities for your  organization. This includes generating insight and foresight. Insight into your circumstances and enviroment.  Foresight to see around corners for the future.  After all the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Alignment  - Many organizations that generate breakthrough products and solutions have a breakdown when the organization cannot change fast enough to take advantage in the marketplace. Integral to our approach is the process
of leadership alignment and change management.

Synthesis by using Design and Systems Thinking - Strategy requires making hard choices about where to play and
how win. In our warp speed world, where the next big thing occurs practically daily, it is critical that strategy be developed in a flexible and fast manner taking advantage of design and systems thinking as the underpinning philosophy and process.

Traction.  Where the rubber meets the road.  Getting it done. Given the right frame, an aligned team, well sythesized  strategy , the final crucial part of the strategic execution puzzle is how the organization is able to get the traction needed to design, prototype, test and scale their innovation while maintaining traction on the core business. This is often an area that is characterized by a high level of ambiguity. Traditional methods of execution dont cope well with a high ambiguity environment. That is why our process is designed to be based on design and systems thinking and agile principles.

What We Offer

  • FAST Strategy is a consulting solution that creates a path to your  future starting with the frame for your current situation and for the future coupled with the right alignment, synthesis and traction.  Using a combination of systems and design thinking coupled with agile execution, our process is designed to fit the needs of today’s hyper-speed and disrupted environment
  • FAST Executive Coaching for executives at the Director to CXO level to improve the level of effectiveness in executing strategy.  Following the principles of FAST Strategy, our coaching is directed toward the specific critical skills required to deliver on strategy
  • FASTPlan Workshops to solve real problems in real time using the best in class facilitation and tools including the  GoWall application to enable global participation as if the person was in the room.  These workshops have been delivered globally to hundreds of teams looking for a way to mobilize quickly resulting in a 10x improvement in launch speed
  • FAST Strategic Execution Office setup and support. Executing strategy requires uninterrupted focus on getting projects started, on track and delivering results. The StratEX SEO is the way to get there FAST!
  • StratEx Speaker Services and Keynote Addresses to provide high value information to executive teams, conferences, seminars etc.  For our press kit click here .

Our Operating Principles

  • Fishing capability, not fish. We work with the client team rather than becoming the in-house resource. Our belief
    is customers are better served in the long run by generating capability than purchasing work product from a third party

  • Framework and model emphasis. Frameworks are far more powerful than mere methodology. We rely heavily on getting the right framework into use by the team. As authors and educators, we bring significant expertise in this area
  • Perspective. A moments insight can be worth a lifetime of experience. We provide a third party view to energize and encourage new levels of insight by the team
  • Be a trusted advisor. To do so, we strive to create higher levels of competence and capability for the customer organization. In the long term, we intend to transfer knowledge and expertise to the client team to generate lasting benefit from our relationship

Short video "On What We Do". Click on the image above to download the MP4.