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White Paper
The best way to understand what we do is to see it in action. The following are white
​paper examples taken from projects we have worked on. You can receive one of these complimentary PDF's just by filling out the form to the right and clicking on the Submit button.

Complex Strategic Plan
In some cases, the strategic plan is very complex and there is little that can be done to simplify it. However, that does not mean we necessarily need to get bogged down in endless planning. This case history demonstrates how we can cope with complexity and generate clarity and forward momentum.

Integrating Merged Entities
After the merger honeymoon is over and the reality of the relationship shows up, the real work starts. In this case history, we illustrate what we did to help two very different organizations come together.

Just in Time Strategic Plan 
If you have ever wondered whether is was wise to spend time planning or if it would be better if you just took your best guess, this case is for you. Many executives doubt the value of planning especially in fast paced times and tight schedules. What we learned here was the value of engaging the team in getting a solution planned and acted upon quickly.

Transforming Strategy 
We have worked with a number of organizations facing the challenge 
of changing their business model fundamentally. This brings on a very unique mixture of needs. This download summarizes what we consider a solid approach to the challenge that both growth and obsolescence bring on in the organization.  

Portfolio Alignment 
In the grand scheme of things, this is the nexus of strategic execution.  The strategic plan itself is critical but the translation to portfolio management is where the rubber meets the road. If we do this well, 
our strategy has its best chance to succeed. This case illustrates some ideas about how we implemented portfolio management at the right scale at the right time.

Professional Effectiveness 
Strategic execution is dramatically impacted by the ability of people to interact and communicate effectively. We use a profiling system that was developed by the Insights organization to profile individuals and teams in order to provide the information that they need to communicate more effectively and to operate more effectively as a team. This solution has been shown to be extremely effective with executive teams where blind spots are keeping them from performing at their best.

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